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Transition Zone, Inc.


Transition Zone (TZone) is a safe space where youth, ages 12 to 18 years old (primarily in the urban core of the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area) are equipped with workforce/life skills and entrepreneurship training. They are empowered with career readiness competencies, connection to the world of work. Supported by a broad base of caring people, building and strengthening relationships as they walk alongside the youth throughout their career-path journey. Youth experience regular guests career speakers/mentors who look like them, from various skill paths, allowing a more personal connection to their career choices.

What is TZone?

The prevailing literature on work and careers consistently converges on the notion that work plays a crucial role in people’s lives.  When individuals are connected with decent work experiences, employment offers a primary means of fulfilling basic human needs for survival, human connection and relationships, and the expression of self-determination.

Employment is critically linked to psychological and physical health and the loss or lack of work is associated with grave outcomes ranging from depression and anxiety to higher rates of illness, death, and suicide.

Moreover, work represents a key context in which individuals craft and express their identities, personal interest, and individual and collective values. 

(per The YES Project) 

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